Project Lifecycle

Project Support

Here at Transylvania Support Center our objective is to assist you in various fields and stages of a project.

Planning & control

Resource forecasting

The Resource loading has a very big impact on the budget and planning of a project. Monitoring and forecasting, mobilisation and demobilisation need to be treated with high focus!

Budget forecasting

For the best change order management, the budget needs to be monitored and forecast with the best accuracy, ensuring in time order change and smooth communication with the client.

Documentation control

In time input documentation and document approval is a must for on time delivery. We can manage documentation follow up and prevent delays in documentation.

Material acquisition

The material acquisition is a complex process, and from the order submission until the delivery delays can often occur. We can offer a close monitoring and productive communication to all parties involved in order to avoid any delayed delivery.

Progress measurement and progress prediction

A clear view of the status and progress simulations are mandatory to meet your targets on efficiency and on time delivery. We can assist and provide you a progress measurement system adapted for your project specifics and needs.

Quality and HSE

Make sure that your team, your services or your suppliers are in line with your QA and HSE requirements and standards. As an unbiased and equidistant 3rd party we can offer you impartial reports and audits.

Bidding offer

Market research for best material acquisition

According to the Bill Of Material, we search for the best offers in the market, considering the required quality and all price influencing factors from transportation to service and support.

Budget man-hours, considering internal capacity and external availability

A clear vision for the proposed budget is mandatory in the proposal stage. The resource factor is very important and all constrains have to be avoided. We aim to support you in having the best picture from proposal till commissioning!

Potential service and manteinance contract

We know that the financial benefit of a project is not the short time profit. Offering support, service and a strong obsolescence file is a must!

We are keeping your pattern and promote your Company. It is our goal to make it happen!