Workforce provider

Transylvania Support Center is a company specialized in outsourcing, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Our scope of work is to enable you to reduce all work force related costs by contracting with us. We will employ, train and manage the work force you need according to your requirements and standards.

The aim of our company is to offer customized services, perfectly adapted to our clients’ needs.

We have chosen our office location seeking for the best balance between the quality and the variety of different domains our clients might need and the expenses that can please both our clients and our employees, in order to create a professional, efficient and high-quality working environment.

We wish to provide you with „the best man at the right place”. This is the reason why we only hire people in the required positions AFTER your approval, and from that moment on the work process will only begin after the hire will have been aligned with your quality standards and company’s ethics.

We can offer specialized labor resources with or without experience in any field, but we would like to highlight some of the areas with the biggest pool of specialists:

  • The engineering sector:
  • Specialists in Electrical Engineering
  • Specialists in Mechanical Engineering
  • Specialists in Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Specialists in Automation and Computer Science
  • Specialists in Civil Engineering
  • Specialists in Machine Building
  • Specialists in Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • Specialists in Materials and Environmental Engineering
  • The economical sector:
  • Specialists in Basic Accounting
  • Specialists in Corporate Finance
  • Specialists in Financial Accounting
  • Specialists in Data Base and Programming
  • Specialists in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics
  • Specialists in Macroeconomics
  • Specialists in Microeconomics
  • Specialists in Statistics
  • Law and legal

With 2 main specialists providers:

  • Babes-Bolyai University – Faculty of Law
  • Dimitrie Cantemit Christian University – Faculty of Law Cluj Napoca

Our purpose is to supply you with the specific type of service you need, hiring the perfect human resource on the specific job you need, with no constrains, integrating your work instructions, work-flow and business ethics.

In addition to our customized services, we also provide a set of standard services, listed below:

  • Business Support Functions
  • Materials Management
  • Order Administration
  • Document Controlling
  • Business Travel Assistance and Administration
  • Business Process Support
  • Accounting Operations
  • Quality Control
  • On call and online assistance in:
  • Customer Support
  • Product Service
  • System Operators
  • IT
  • Medical
  • Veterinary

Moreover, top companies, such as Nokia, BOSCH, Emerson, Siemens, Eckerle, Terapia Rambaxy, De'Longhi, Genpact, Bombardier, SteelCase, have contributed to the training and development of available resources on the market.

The social, educational and professional conditions enable us to engage the services of qualified personnel to meet all your needs and requirements. In consequence, we can offer capable resources in any type of service and sphere of activity. In this way, the service we offer helps you to reduce the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings you fresh engineering expertise and reduces capital and operating expenses.